My Journey with Miss International and Beyond

Miss International is a prestigious beauty pageant that focuses on beauty with a purpose. The competition aims to promote world peace and international understanding by bringing together remarkable women from around the globe to represent their respective countries. It is much more than just a beauty pageant; participants are encouraged to engage in charitable work and contribute to societal development. It’s a unique opportunity to showcase what beauty can achieve when combined with a meaningful purpose.

One of the most amazing aspects of participating in Miss International was meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world. I now have lifelong friends from different cultures and places. It’s an incredibly enriching experience to exchange thoughts and experiences with these remarkable women.

During my stay in Japan, I also had the incredible opportunity to take part in several tours around the country. One of my favorite experiences was the trip to Fukushima. Fukushima is known for the tragic event in 2011 when a powerful tsunami caused a nuclear accident. The entire world followed the dramatic events that unfolded at that time, and it was heartbreaking to witness the devastation that occurred. However, today Fukushima is on the path to reconstruction, and it was incredibly touching to visit the area and see how people are working to restore what was once lost.

Dress from Handmadedresses Oslo. Beyond my participation in Miss International, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a variety of other exciting events. One of the most memorable moments was attending a fashion show with former Miss Norway winners and this year’s Miss World, Andrea. It was fantastic to see Andrea again, especially since we hadn’t met since the final. Being part of this fashion show was a dream come true and provided me with the opportunity to bond with incredibly inspiring women.

I was also invited to two international galas in Marbella, Spain. At one gala, Maiti Nepal, I had the honor of being the evening’s emcee and ambassador. Maiti Nepal is an organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and supporting women and children who are victims of this cruel practice. Being part of this event was heartwarming and gave me the chance to contribute to an important cause.

The other gala, Marbella International Film Gala, was a glamorous event celebrating the film industry and artistic creativity. It was incredible to be part of such a diverse gathering of talented individuals from around the world.

My journey to Tokyo and participation in Miss International have truly been an unforgettable experience. I’ve learned so much, met incredible people, and had the chance to contribute to important causes. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life, and I look forward to continuing to engage in meaningful projects that can make the world a better place.

Thank you for following my journey, and I am excited to share more exciting adventures with you in the future! Even though my Miss International adventure is currently over, I will, of course, continue with many other exciting projects. I am eagerly looking forward to following this year’s participants, who will be gradually introduced in the near future!