My Miss Norway journey

In this blog post, I thought I would tell you a bit about myself, what I have done and experienced in the past year, my cause close to my heart, charitable work, and my visions if I win Miss Norway 2023.

Music has always been a significant part of my life, and my love for the violin and classical music has given me countless moments of joy and inspiration. Throughout my childhood, I played the violin and cello. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in various stages where I’ve both sung and danced. However, my biggest dream is to become a professional actress.

This dream has been with me throughout my life, and in that pursuit, I’ve fought hard and tirelessly to achieve it. Through hard work, I have already had the chance to act in five film productions and soon two commercial productions.

Next year, I will be studying acting at the prestigious Royal Holloway University in London, and I am really excited about it. I have also had the opportunity to work as a model, which has given me the fantastic chance to be photographed in many different countries, including Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Tanzania.

And now, I’m gradually making a breakthrough in other countries as well! @meisalfoto My participation in Miss Norway has been incredibly rewarding so far. I have received support from several sponsors and have become an ambassador for amazing brands like Mamluks, Pure Nordic Water, Cosmetic Glue Company, and Maiti Nepal. It’s amazing to see how these brands come from different parts of Europe. I’ve also had the honor of being interviewed nationally and internationally about my participation in Miss Norway and my charitable work. I’ve been interviewed in Norway, Poland, and Spain, among others. I’ve also experienced several international publications from England. In addition to all this, I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to walk the catwalk, exploring various runway styles. This has been incredibly exciting and will undoubtedly be a lesson I carry with me.

Another thing that has been really exciting is the positive response I’ve received from the audience and the local community in Fredrikstad. The feedback has been so good that I was recently invited to a meeting with Mayor Siri Martinsen, who wanted to learn more about my participation in Miss Norway and my causes. Following the meeting, an article about me was even written on Siri Martinsen’s Facebook profile! Mayor Siri Martinsen and me! One of my causes is children’s rights to education worldwide, as well as the fight against human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a heinous form of modern slavery where individuals are forced, deceived, or abducted to be exploited for forced labor, sex trafficking, or other forms of abuse. It’s a criminal activity that violates human rights and affects millions of people globally. According to the UN, it’s estimated that around 25 million people are affected by human trafficking on a global level. Worldwide, there are over 260 million children who lack access to education.

These children are deprived of the opportunity for education due to factors like conflicts, poverty, discrimination, and inadequate infrastructure. The lack of education limits their future prospects and potential to break out of the cycle of poverty. I chose these causes precisely because I’ve been fortunate to travel to various parts of the world throughout my upbringing.

I’ve seen reality from others’ perspectives. My parents have always wanted to show me the world from different angles, and in that regard, we’ve actually helped people along our way to obtain education and improve their lives. My parents have also always emphasized the importance of education, so they’ve given me insights into how schooling happens in other parts of the world. Charity project in Zanzibar That’s why I decided to start my own charity project in Zanzibar, Tanzania, in December. Alongside different elementary schools, friends, and other residents from Fredrikstad, we managed to gather children’s clothes, toys, shoes, school supplies, and money, which we personally brought down to Zanzibar and distributed to the poorest children in the most needy villages.

The surplus money was used to buy food, including rice, sugar, and cooking oil, which we distributed fairly among an incredibly impoverished village. Altogether, we managed to help 300 people! I’ve also participated in homework assistance for children at the volunteer center in Fredrikstad and engaged in creating a social arena for newly arrived refugees in Norway, giving them the opportunity to socialize and feel welcome. I’m also honored to be chosen as the host and ambassador for the international humanitarian organization Maiti Nepal’s charity gala in Puerto Banous, Marbella, this September.

The goal for the evening is to raise over a million, which will go towards building schools in Nepal and simultaneously rescuing people from human trafficking. Maiti Nepal has already built schools for 500 children and rescued over 37,000 people from human trafficking. Several of the donations for the evening come from world-renowned athletes, actors, and well-known personalities, including Erling Haaland. Participating in Miss Norway has given me incredible opportunities, not only here in Norway but also internationally.

If I win, I will use this platform to travel around the world and help those who need it the most. I will work to provide children with access to education and fight against global human trafficking. By winning Miss Norway, I will be able to maintain a platform and voice that allow me to carry out such projects around the globe and share the reality of the work with everyone. What makes me most proud during my Miss Norway journey is that I’ve actually had the opportunity to make a difference for others beyond myself.

Together, we are stronger, and together, we can achieve anything.